Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pre-visualization! Multiple exposures, layers and masks.

Recently I traveled just north of Jacksonville Florida.
To photograph a spot I have heard about for years, Talbot Island and little Talbot Island.
These two little Islands have lots of tranquil views that are like falling into dreams.
On Talbot Island there is a cliff with fallen trees right on the ocean.
A fantastic place to find that perfect image.

When I photograph my subjects I tend to work with multiple exposures, layers and masks.
This comes from years ago (before photoshop)  when I had to make pin registered masks in the darkroom to manipulate photographs into imagery.
Stop take a moment and look at what your about to take a picture of, think about it.
I know what and how I want an image to look like before I shoot it (pre-visualization).

So here is the image that I pre-visualized
I will show you the steps I had in mind to get it here.
I used two exposures in this image.

The base image.
(What it looked like at that moment)

The first step is to make a mask on the second exposure 
just showing the tree and rocks.

Here is what it looks like applied.

Levels adjustments were made on the tree layer
and base layer to bring it up to what I saw in my mind.

Here is what that looks like

A final vignette mask was made to complete the image.

Pre-Visualization is something I suggest everyone do.
Just clicking the shutter is a snapshot.
Manipulating it to what you see in your mind's eye is
Creating Imagery!

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